Rites of Spring

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The Candles by Elena Kotliarker 

In broad strokes, there is action and there is reaction. Life force comes down to this dimension, and then returns to Source. In the first three signs of the Zodiac, the life force learns that it is separate from the world around it, and first starts to learn about that world. In the Northern Hemisphere, this corresponds to Spring.

On March 21 at around 6am, theres just a bit of light in the sky, the first moments of Spring. Something new. The first spark of life in this dimension.

After a long night, this new consciousness needs to *fight* to exist. It comes into the world saying “I am here. What are you going to do about it?”. Children begin to say that first violent word “NO”, around the time that Mars, which is resonant with Aries, returns to the place in the sky where it was when the child was born.

Stopping here, starting there. In this way it establishes itself, Learns that it exists.

The fighting gets exhausting. The life force eventually wants serenity, no more sleeping where its head happens to be. It want a *house*.

The first house is the body.

Taurus builds it. By sensing what it needs — food, wood, rock.

Taurus takes the spark of Aries and grounds it down, grows taproots. Like the bull sunning himself, the goal is serenity, sensual enjoyment of the the present moment, peace. Taurus is resonant with Venus.

Theres a feeling of delight you get when you get something you value. When you are about to lose it, there is desperation, clinging. Aries is fragile, can die at any moment because of a new adventure. Taurus clings to life, attached.

Taurus establishes a body, serenity, home. But eventually the life force can get very bored. Theres a whole world out there. The wind tells it.

In Gemini, the life force thinks and collects facts, it asks people about things, runs around like a child, like the pollen that moves through the air, like the singing birds, like the wind through the trees, the buzzing of the bees…

It learns about the the world it has incarnated into.

But eventually the life force spots all the dead ends it has collected, and wants something else, it wants a sense itself as particular being, this happens in the first water sign, in Cancer, the first sign of summer….

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