Celestial Weather May 17, 2020

Jupiter and its associated sign Sagittarius represent belief, which for humans on earth for several thousand years has been patriarchal in nature. Eg, “God the Father”. These beliefs are the foundation of our patriarchal laws, governments, and economic systems, which in astrology are associated with Saturn/Capricorn — eg, they hard to change, have a momentum all their own, define a *reality* that humanity lives in, because they are the result of many actions over time.

Karma is returned to, returned to, returned to, until consciousness is brought to the situation, allowing change. The situation here is the fact that these institutions are not in alignment with natural law which is associated with Jupiter/Sagittarius ( at the highest expression of this archetype ). And this fact defines the pressures on the current system. Eg, An economic system based on the rape of the planet will not last

Saturn and Jupiter (along with Pluto), are all now in retrograde: it’s a time of reflection, on these things, in the field of humanity.

This mess of retrogrades are now in an inconjunct with the North Node of the Moon in Gemini. The north node indicates areas of new growth. With the transiting South Node in Sagittarius, the karmic debris of past belief is being kicked up, and calibrated and resolved through the north node in Gemini. This North node in Gemini is about a re-gathering of information with fresh eyes, as antidote to past misguided beliefs, eg journalism

Inconjucts are like 2 sides of an old-fashioned key. 

One side ,might look very different from the other. Breezy and open Gemini is very different from serious and long-suffering Capricorn.  But in an inconjuction, when one side turns, the other side does so as well, in perhaps unexpected ways.  

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