Astrology and Nature

Astrology is a language of nature. The archetypes of astrology are present in all of life, in all of nature, of which we — body, mind and spirit — are a part.

Astrology describes how things manifest on this plane, how they evolve, and how they how back to source. It is a language of energy, how it transforms, how it expresses, its cycles of growth and decay. Typically a person is mobile during the day and sleeps at night. Typically a person runs, jumps, plays as a child, and is more serious and crystallized as an adult. Each is connected to and balances the other. In the Northern Hemisphere, leaves come in head first when the Sun is in Aries, and drop when the Sun is in Scorpio. We humans are as subject to the cycles of nature as that. 

The natal chart can be used to describe how nature, how life, flows through a particular individual. Astrology can provide guidance as to what energies to cultivate to live a more fulfilling life, more in harmony with what the soul wants to develop in this incarnation. 

For example: those born when the Sun is in Aries holds in them that Aries energy — the first light, the instinctual spark, the *fight* for survival. If these individuals do not have the opportunity to engage with life in this way, in some manner, the result might be a kind of depression, or the person might begin to exhibit the shadow side of Aries: eg. might seek out conflict for the sake it. 

In Chinese Medicine, the Heart anchors a person this plane of existence. It is the seat of consciousness and true discernment. In life there are numerous distractions, or now-useless attachments, that can move a person here, there, and away from the heart. The heart becomes cloudy, unwise decisions are made. Astrology, when it’s good, can help lead a being back to the Heart, to the deep wisdom that exists there. Life comes back into focus and overall there is more energy available, and more genuine growth.

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