Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn – July 4, 2020

Capricorn can correlate to kings. This eclipse holds a royal energy. But I believe part of what this eclipse is asking us is to bring consciousness to the power we have projected onto our “kings”, the “kings” in our own lives, which is to say, external authority. The shadow of this royal energy. 

In 1381 in England was an event called “The Peasants Revolt”. An army of rebellious peasants who were unhappy with economic conditions eventually met with the King himself, who gave a speech, saying “Be still: I am your king, your leader and your chief.” By one account, “Most of the rebels who heard the King speak were ashamed of themselves: they began to go quietly away”. Apparently a good many of them kneeled in supplication to him. True peasants, in the negative sense of the word. 

I think one lesson of this eclipse is to address the peasant within oneself. Where do you project power and thus lose it? Your base of power does not lie outside of you but with, from your connection to your own soul. Until one makes contact with that, and starts operating from that base of operation, one remains a peasant. (easier said than done… more a process then a place to truly arrive at).

In general, there has been a dynamic in the holographic field of intense and persistent attempts to slough off sludge, the sludge of corrupt institutions and power ( Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter all in Capricorn).  Until we collectively recognize our own individual bases of power, this will continue to be a frustrating and half-accomplished process.

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