Mars Trine Pluto 2021: Harmonizing strained structures through insight.

Pluto has been associated with Shiva, the creator and destroyer. Shiva is also a musician, a drummer. Note the gif above. The droplet comes into being, form, through vibration. Eventually it is destroyed, also through vibration. 

This happens according to the properties of the matter that was formed and destroyed. Pluto is currently in an earth sign, Capricorn, which associated with structures. Mars will trine Pluto on Wednesday. Mars — which been considered the lower octave of Pluto — is a fiery energy, and can be destructive. It is transiting from Taurus, which is associated with earth.

Trines have the nature of Jupiter. Jupiter represents among other things the laws of nature themselves, the laws that allow things to grow. In the gif above, the laws of harmonic resonance allow the water droplet to form into various shapes (Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, the sign of the womb). Overall, there is a theme of destruction of earthly things, transformed and made healthier, more in alignment with natural law, through harmony. 

With the dispositors of both Pluto and Mars in Aquarius, the nature of this harmonizing force is electric — metaphorical, archetypal electricity. In its highest form, Aquarius is a vibration of ingenuity and innovation, not sullied and twisted by the survival and inertia based patterns of the past. The rarified cold air of February. The future. Science. Innovation. 

Stepped down from the world of the archetypal, what might this look like? The lights went out in Texas. When they come back on again, there might be a seed of more space in the earthly economy for renewables — a rearranging of the distribution of resources, and structural changes, based on insight, and science. On an individual level, the body itself is composed of earth. Food becomes the structure of the human body. When you eat pure, organic foods, there is a feeling that arises, a nourishment that feels electric. With these aspects, that electricity might have a particularly harmonizing effect on the body. 

The festival of carnival, which just passed, marks the beginning of lent, a preparation for spring. Entrudo, an early form of carnival, consisted of people going out onto the streets and throwing mud and dirty gutter water at each other. There is a lot of weirdness at the core of the earth: worms 8 feet long, giant spiders, eyeless rodents, entrenched patterns, plutonian nightmares — a record of what was needed or expedient for survival on earth: Cover yourself in that dirt. Laugh, scream, cackle. Soon the Sun will come out. 

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