Mars in Gemini 2021 – Emerging Archetype

The signs of the zodiac are archetypes. They can appear timeless.  But you can say that they come from somewhere. 

The physical Saturn and Jupiter have the role of stabilizing the entire solar system. Without those large planets and their gravitational fields, the cloud of debris that was the the early solar system would not have stabilized into the solar system we know now, with some particles being ejected and some being incorporated. 

This is how the solar system and so the archetypal solar system, with its dramas of planets in signs and houses was first formed. 

On a more abstract, airy level, new archetypes are continually being created. Take internet memes: how a proliferation of memes earlier in the evolution of the internet seems to have coalesced in what can be recognized archetypically as a meme. They just have a feel to them, seem to have a recognizable personality

Archetypally, both Saturn and Jupiter have the role of stabilizing — Saturn through solidification, separation and exclusion, and Jupiter through internal cohesion. 

For almost its entire time in Gemini, Mars will be trining either Saturn or Jupiter. 

After Mars leaves  slow, plodding, and  earthy Taurus, Mars in Gemini flies up, in a rush  of symbols, spreading over the land with much energy. Clumping together in places. 

Starting March 10, this Mars in Gemini will trine Saturn, bringing some solidification, maturation to these ideas, this new airy energy. 

Then a watery energy comes in with the square to Mars formed from Mercury in Pisces, starting March 18th. There is a feeling of submersion and quiescence here, mercurial rearrangement in a silent, watery way. 

Then there is a reemergence from the square to Mercury in Pisces, and with it a connection to broader belief that comes with the trine to Jupiter. Jupiter has the effect of integrating through lighting a fire of belief. This continues until Mars leaves gemini on April 22.

Overall, Mars’ journey through gemini this year feels like emergence, rearranging, solidifying and stabilization of an idea, an idea that has the beginnings of weight, texture, the ability to be recognized — an archetype.  

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