About Me

Lila Magdalena. Born in NYC under the sign of Virgo. Lifelong student of energy

I travel to the Amazon yearly to study the shamanism of the Shipibo people, under continuing apprenticeship with the Mahua-Lopez lineage.

I study Medical Intuition with Tina Zion, author of the best selling How to become a Medical Intuitive and many other books.

Studied Herbalism at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism and at the East West School of Planetary Herbology.

Studied Astrology with Tyler Penor, Steven Forrest, and at the Jeffrey Wolf Greene school of Evolutionary Astrology.

Earlier in life I got a BA from an Ivy League college, where I represented Zen Buddhism at the school’s interfaith council and was managing editor of the school’s philosophy magazine. Afterward I worked at a neuroscience lab and co-authored a book chapter on Computational Neuroscience (but I was never really convinced that consciousness came from the brain). I have also worked as a software developer. But really the most interesting informational system is the holographic field of a person’s consciousness.