Mars in Gemini 2021 – Emerging Archetype

The signs of the zodiac are archetypes. They can appear timeless.  But you can say that they come from somewhere.  The physical Saturn and Jupiter have the role of stabilizing the entire solar system. Without those large planets and their gravitational fields, the cloud of debris that was the the early solar system would not have stabilized into the solar system we know now, with some particles being ejected and some being incorporated.  This is how the solar system and so the archetypal solar system, with its dramas of planets in signs and houses was first formed.  On a more […]

Mars Trine Pluto 2021: Harmonizing strained structures through insight.

Pluto has been associated with Shiva, the creator and destroyer. Shiva is also a musician, a drummer. Note the gif above. The droplet comes into being, form, through vibration. Eventually it is destroyed, also through vibration.  This happens according to the properties of the matter that was formed and destroyed. Pluto is currently in an earth sign, Capricorn, which associated with structures. Mars will trine Pluto on Wednesday. Mars — which been considered the lower octave of Pluto — is a fiery energy, and can be destructive. It is transiting from Taurus, which is associated with earth. Trines have the […]

The Ascendent/First House

The Ascendent, eg. the sign on the first house of the natal chart, has been called “the mask you wear”. This is not really true. This first house is the individual’s instinctive reaction to the world around her.  For example, a Libra Ascendant would quite naturally respond to other people with a curiosity about them, and a desire to develop a co-equal relationship with them. Libra is the scales. A Libra ascendent instinctively balances 10 pound of the other person with 10 pounds of herself. This is her natural reaction to the world outside of her.  But taken in the […]

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn – July 4, 2020

Capricorn can correlate to kings. This eclipse holds a royal energy. But I believe part of what this eclipse is asking us is to bring consciousness to the power we have projected onto our “kings”, the “kings” in our own lives, which is to say, external authority. The shadow of this royal energy.  In 1381 in England was an event called “The Peasants Revolt”. An army of rebellious peasants who were unhappy with economic conditions eventually met with the King himself, who gave a speech, saying “Be still: I am your king, your leader and your chief.” By one account, […]

Astrology and Nature

Astrology is a language of nature. The archetypes of astrology are present in all of life, in all of nature, of which we — body, mind and spirit — are a part. Astrology describes how things manifest on this plane, how they evolve, and how they how back to source. It is a language of energy, how it transforms, how it expresses, its cycles of growth and decay. Typically a person is mobile during the day and sleeps at night. Typically a person runs, jumps, plays as a child, and is more serious and crystallized as an adult. Each is […]

Celestial Weather May 17, 2020

Jupiter and its associated sign Sagittarius represent belief, which for humans on earth for several thousand years has been patriarchal in nature. Eg, “God the Father”. These beliefs are the foundation of our patriarchal laws, governments, and economic systems, which in astrology are associated with Saturn/Capricorn — eg, they hard to change, have a momentum all their own, define a *reality* that humanity lives in, because they are the result of many actions over time. Karma is returned to, returned to, returned to, until consciousness is brought to the situation, allowing change. The situation here is the fact that these […]

Rites of Spring

In broad strokes, there is action and there is reaction. Life force comes down to this dimension, and then returns to Source. In the first three signs of the Zodiac, the life force learns that it is separate from the world around it, and first starts to learn about that world. In the Northern Hemisphere, this corresponds to Spring. On March 21 at around 6am, theres just a bit of light in the sky, the first moments of Spring. Something new. The first spark of life in this dimension. After a long night, this new consciousness needs to *fight* to […]