Your energetic body holds the vast and multi-dimensional story of your life.

The energetic body is supposed to flow. Often there are obscurations and frozen traumas in our energetic bodies that may eventually appear as dysfunction, pain, and disease in the physical body. These aberrations might show up as procrastination, depression, anxiety, blocks around money, and all manner of limiting beliefs.

In a session with me, I work with you to identify these blocks and the constellation of energy around them. Then we go through and release and reprogram these areas. Those blocks often just melt away, creating more flow. Part of your power is reclaimed and can be used for much more positive purposes.

What to expect in a session

Before each session, I remotely connect to your energetic field. If you had mentioned specific issues you wanted to work on, I attempt to get a sense of those issues and the other core issues underlying them. The Emotional Freedom technique we will be using later can be truly effective in a matter of minutes if the actual underlying issues are identified.

Before the session I will ask for your natal chart. The natal chart supports the session by giving coordinates, an overview of the the karmic landscape of your life. We can discuss this during your session, valuable information that you can consider and take with you going forward in life. 

During the session, we discuss the issues you want to work on, and what I saw to be underlying them. We decide on a good way forward, what might be most ripe for release and re-programming. 

Then we apply the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): I guide you through using your fingers to physically tap on a handful of key acupuncture points while you focus on the issue you would like to shift. EFT is a modality that is supported by much empirical research and that has been approved by the US Veteran’s Administration for use in their clinics. It can appear strange from the outside, but what is happening energetically is straightforward: negative energetic patterns are broken up. Positive energetic patterns can be programmed in because the process of tapping provides space for this new pattern to be laid down. Core obstacles can be dismantled, and new “energetic habits” can be programmed in. Much can be accomplished even in just one session